Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LilPiranhaFish CRAFTfest stall

I am sooo excited about this weekends very first CRAFTfest! Basically its a virtual craft fayre, no opening and closing times (runs Saturday through Sunday) no rain, wind, pushy sellers (obviously not me!)

It really is going to be a fab event, what better way to kick start your Christmas shopping than by relaxing in your on home and purchasing some quality handmade goods! 

Here is a link to my stall LilPiranhaFish CRAFTfest stall

And here is a general link CRAFTfest

Don't miss it!

Jess xxx


  1. Hi, Jess...welcome back, seems ages since we spoke. Craftfest sounds good, ive never heard of it before.Off now to have a peek at your stall.xx

  2. That sounds like a brilliant idea - I'm definitely going to check it out. I hope it goes well for you :o)

  3. I really hope it goes well, its the first one so we will see :)

    @Tillyflops - I know, have neglected my blog a bit :( Hopefully I'm back to tell the world about my random life again :) xx