Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cupcake candles

Here are a few I made earlier :)

They are vanilla scented and do burn in the silicon case (Ive tried!) The pink one is actually heart shaped but you cant tell very well from the pic.


  1. Hi :) I found your blog through MSE (Im hart44)
    Love the candles! what a clever idea to use the silicon cupcake cases :)
    I must have a go at making candles :)
    Hope your blog goes from strength to strength :)
    Sue (harts corner)

  2. Aww thank you, only just started it today thought it might be nice to keep track of how my quit smoking/get fit attempt goes with a few pretty things in between :)

    Hopefully they will be gratefully received as presents :)

  3. really pretty candles, im, ilovepugs on mse.Good luck with your blog, i never find the time to do mine lol. x

  4. Thank you very much Gael, I'm hoping I can use it to spur myself on with my running if I have to write it on the internet im more likely to do it! :) 1/2 marathon in march 2012!