Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reduce, destash and buy more beads :D

After a bit of a telling off from Mr Piranha Fish I have decided I'm due a good old sort out! Of course, I couldnt list destash items on Folksy without having a look at others destash.....and maybe buying some! Ssssshhhhh!!

Here are some of my favourites, but I am going to stay strong and keep my money in my purse...... Paypal clearly doesnt count! xx

Wooden beads by HJD Crafts

Round Glass Pendant by Averilpam etc

Fairy Pendant by BeadyCharmer

Pink faceted coins by Me :)

Rain rain go away, its the blooming weekend!!


  1. Mad isn't it, we clear out some space then fill it up again endlessly!
    Thanks for including my pendant :)

  2. Aww no problem. My Piranha fish thinks im 'clearing space' but really i'm just 'making room' for new goodies :) xx

  3. Hi .... it's Fiddle Fart Helen Here ... you left a comment on my about the tea badges, if you e-mail me with your address I'll send you one ... BUT it make take a week or two as I am a little snowed under at work xxxxx